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Photos of Micklehurst, Mossley


The area of Mossley to the east of the River Tame was historically part of Cheshire and is known as Micklehurst.

Micklehurst, Mossley
Looking across Micklehurst from Mossley Cross.
Roughtown Road, Mossley
Micklehurst Road, with the New Bridge Inn on the left.
Richmond Crescent, Mossley
Richmond Crescent, Mossley, looking towards Staley Road, with Hartshead Pike on the skyline.
Station Road, Micklehurst
The former Micklehurst Station building on Station Road, Micklehurst.
All Saints Church, Micklehurst
All Saints Church, Micklehurst, now suffering dry rot and awaiting demolition.
Staley Road, Mossley
Looking up Staley Road from Bottoms.
Mill Pond, Micklehurst
The Mill Pond between Micklehurst Road and Staley Road that once served Brunswick Mill.
Noonsun Hill, Mossley
Noonsun Hill, seem from the ancient trackway that runs along the hillside above Micklehurst.

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