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Photos of Roughtown and Milton, Mossley


The areas of Mossley around Stockport Road and Carrhill Road are known as Roughtown and Milton, and were originally part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, before being transferred to Lancashire.

Roughtown, Mossley
Looking towards Roughtown from Stamford Road, Mossley.
Roughtown Road, Mossley
Looking up Roughtown Road, Mossley towards St John's Church.
St John's Church, Mossley
St John's Church, from Carrhill Road, Roughtown, Mossley.
Quickwood, Mossley
Mill Lane, Mossley
Mill Lane, Milton, dropping down steeply to Woodend.
Vernon Street, Mossley
Stone terraced houses in Vernon Street, off Mill Lane.
Greenfield from Quickedge
Looking towards Greenfield in the distance from Quick Edge. Mossley's Hey Farm Estate is in the centre with St John's Church to the right.
, Mossley
Built as a "British School" (non-denominational, known as Pickles School) this Victorian building in Carrhill Road is now the home of George Sixmith Organ Builders.

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